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Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Arrive with no makeup

- especially no mascara! :-) & if possible, follow your usual skin care routine.

Wear white

Or, a light colour that makes you feel pretty & bride like. Avoid dark colours. This will give you a good indication of how well the makeup will look against your dress. Bring visuals

Come with inspiration, if you have any. Photos on Pinterest are great, but some times, give an unrealistic expectations due to over edited/photoshop images, so be mindful of this. If you have seen any of my past brides & makeup looks on my socials, or website, that you like the look of- please do save them!

Speak up

After getting an idea of what you like, what you wear day to day, and seeing any photos you may have, I will always run through the look I am thinking to create, before applying, to ensure you are happy with what you’re hearing. If you’re not at any point, please do say - you will not offend me, the main goal is to make YOU happy, I am just there to figure out your preferences whilst drawing on my expertise & opinion.

Don’t bring a posse...

Under the current climate, unless agreed otherwise, you should attend your trial alone (sorry!). In usual circumstances, ask your mother, your MOH, or a friend who’s opinion you trust, to come with you. Too many voices creates chaos & makes you second guess what YOU want.

Prepare for photos!

I love to capture a couple of photos of you before you leave (don’t worry, no crazy photoshoots), to help me create the look on the wedding day, as well as sending these to you so you can send them on to your bridal party if you wish, or so you can just continue to stare at your face, if you decide to take your makeup off to make sure the fiancé doesn’t see...

Prepare for a 1.5 hour time slot.

This will give me plenty of time to get an idea of what you want, & to create the desired look. Your makeup trial is for one full makeup look only, with the option to ‘tweak’ the look eg. Adding more definition, changing the lip colour etc. If you have lots of different ideas, let’s talk about them in the initial stages of your trial, and I will help you decide which would be the best for you.

Plan something for afterwards

Wether it's lunch with the girls, or a night out. It’s such a waste to sit at home, watching MAFS or heading back to the office - go show off your face!

Now, go get excited

I know I cannot wait to meet you, to talk about your wedding plans & to bring your bridal makeup vision to life!

Love always, JA. x

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