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DU-never want to say-BAI (top 5 highlights of Dubai)

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

If you're about to book your tickets to Dubai, the trust me, you will not regret it. Sun, sand, sea, and jet ski's- this place has it all. (oh & camels)

After landing back in the UK, I realised that not only is Dubai a must visit holiday destination, but this rapidly developing luxury place is somewhere I could visit multiple times a year.

So before I pack my bags to return back to this man-made paradise, I want to give you a list of 5 MUST DO things before you pack yours!


If you love the feeling of your heart racing & sweaty palms, (like I had!) you'll have so much fun racing up and down the sand dunes! Not going to lie, I was quite nervous when I arrived, which I really didnt expect, as usually I'm a confident (crazy ass) driver on the roads, however, the tour guide & poor David, was there to help me take my foot off the peddle and enjoy the ride. We were convienently picked up from our hotel at 3PM by a well equiped 4x4 & with a 45 minute journey & a little pep talk in the car, we arrived at the sand dunes with a 10 minute warm up of whats to come.

Upon arrival at the buggy station, we were suited and booted. You will be given a helmet as part of the package, however, I highly recommend investing in a face scarf to save you swollowing a kilo of sand (got to keep room for that BBQ later)

Once you've been strapped in, put your foot down and go for it!! Pack a go pro as you'll get some great, & most likely hilarious footage- we looked like Mario & Luigi on tour.

The dune buggy experience lasts aorund an hour, for which after you will be taken to meet your new furry friends who have the hump if you're late - SORRY! HAD TO.

The camel ride is amazing, even if you are only up at 7 ft for 15 minutes, you wouldnt want much longer as that boney back doesn't sit well (literally) with my boney bum, plus you need time to get that all important selfie with them!

After all that fun, you're ready for the evening entertainment whilst helping yourself to the geneourous spread they put on for you- which includes all types of curries, chicken wings, kebabs, salads, & puddings. The setting & sunset is something else...

To book this whole 3 part experience, click here.

#2 The Five Palm Jumeirah hotel/penthouse.

Never been to a hotel like it- just stunning. Everything from the interior, the exterior, the view, the private beach, the attentive staff...gosh, I could literally write a list as long as my poolside tab (& that's saying something)

As soon as we stepped out of our taxi, we were greeted by the hotel staff who wouldnt let us lift a finger- even my car door opened before I could say 'palm trees!'

Our room was stylish with a balcony looking over the beach & the puddle of the iconic grand architechure. The pool was grand & beautiful with snacks & drinks at your service 24/7 whilst you lay on a sunbed within the water- If you're a beach bum, take 20 steps from the pool, and you're toes are submerged in the soft white sand...


What a hidden Gem. We hadn't planned on going here, as we didn't know it existed, but after a heads up from someone, we headed to 'little Venice' (I was sold on that nickname alone). The madinat is a gorgeous hotel, that has its own little market place full of gift and jewellery boutiques, but it's USP is the tranquil water that surrounds their villas & resturants, where you can take the loveliest boat ride around for half an hour before dining by the water. We were lucky & got a boat to ourselves to soak up that beautiful sun set- TOP TIP: go around 6.30PM. You can buy tickets at the ticket office there- around £15 per person.


WOW! OK.... Now, I can't say I'm a Thai girl usually- I'm more of a 'pass me the pasta' chick- BUT, this highly instagrammable posh nosh place converted me for one night.

Both myself & David chose the Thai green chicken curry, it was unreal & so was the never ending cocktail list which had very amusing names such as 'More Bahamas, Less Dramas' & 'That's why I don't shave my legs in winter'- amen sister!

Go at night time, so you can see the lights of Dubai sparkle as you dine.


Want the BEST view of Dubai? See it from 2,722 feet & 142 floors up! The view is unreal, with a 360 walk around the top floor of the building (of corse stop to take a photo of you looking awkward AF with stained glass pink angel wings.) You can buy tickets here - I'd suggest getting the combo ticktes which gets you entry to the unreal Aquarium in the Dubai Mall, also, where you can get super close to the sharks- much to David's shock (I'm laughing now thinking of him jumping out of his skin as one was chilling above his head hahaha)

Obviously, there is so much more to do in Dubai, hense why I will be returning every year (if the bank balance will allow me!) as this place keeps on growing & will only get better and better..... Anything else you'd like to know before you plan your trip/fly out there, write in the comments or drop me a message :) x

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