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If you've been subtly making hints to your boyfriend & parents, or haven't a clue what to hint to them with, I'm here to list my favourite top 10 beauty products for you to either send them as your wish list, or for you leave this blog open on your laptop for them to 'accidentally' come across! I will list 5 luxury items, & 5 high street budget items, so there's something for everyones wallett and makeup bag.



This product is a must for dark circles after plenty of festive nights out. With it luminous finish and luxurious texture. It offers highly buildable coverage while also being long-wearing and crease-proof.

Easily blur imperfections and conceal darkness patches under the eyes with this concealer which can be used to help cover up blemishes, dark circles and fine lines, while reducing the visibility of redness. Enriched with multi-action skincare benefits and light-diffusing technology, this concealer leaves skin feeling smoother, softer and looking better than ever.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer works to hydrate skin and uses a mineral tone balancing powder that helps to correct and restore, rather than simply covering up imperfections.


This particular foundation line is Dior’s largest foundation range ever with 40 different shades total, so you can be assured that you will find a color to match your skin tone. The line has gained a lot of popularity ever since it was revealed to be the foundation used on Megan Markle for her wedding day. It doesn't not leave me with a greasy feeling, has good consistency, and I enjoy the smooth matte finish. Sadly, Dior is not a cruelty-free brand for those of you who are animal lovers out there. If you are a longtime fan of Dior, have trouble finding a shade to match your skin color or if you have been searching high and low for a foundation specifically made for the body, Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation might be for you.


I recently met up with Trinny herself, for brunch, and talk all things makeup. This one product is what she wears every day, & even wears the little pot as a ring on her hand 24/7 (how handy- literally...) Fuss-free fingertip application. Dense, intense, and long-lasting colour Creamy texture smoothes and adds volume to lips Creates easy, relaxed glamour & I tell you now, a little goes a long way - the 4g pot lasts on average 4 months!


If you want luxury, this is luxury in a tub. Magic, in fact. With it's luxurious texture and rose scent, it's perfect to put on in the morning before your makeup (especially in these winter months) to keep your skin hydrated, and of an evening before bed. It works for every skin type too- even spot prone skin! The 5 star reviews on this product are endless...

❤ HUDA BEAUTY ROSE GOLD PALETTE REMASTERED £56 Rose Gold remastered eyeshadow palette has made a comeback with creamier, more intense pigments and combines 18 luxurious, talc free eyeshadows in four key textures. It includes 8 buttery mattes, 8 melted metal shadows, 1 wet & dry black shadow and 1 pressed pearls shadow. The palette features redesigned shades with a softer colour harmony, and the most insane metal fondant for your lids. PS. Sandlewood, and Trust Tund are my favourites for one matte, one shimmer.



Combines drama, volume & curl with a carbon-black finish to intensify your lashes like no other. The curvaceous brush lifts lashes for a 90-degree curl, while remaining conditioned, supple and defined with colour that stays true and really lasts. The best thing I love about it is, it doesn't crumble and leave you with dots under your eyes! I've been using this mascara since last Christmas, when my boyfriends mum got it me as a stocking filling, & I've never looked back! It may seem pricey for a mascara, but not as pricey as some of the more 'luxurious' brands out there, and a little goes a long long way! Worth it.


OK, a fiver?! Say whaaaat! This product is amazing- I use it for my winged eyeliner everyday, and have done for the past 2 years. It's waterproof, so precise which makes it so easy to apply. The best £5 someone will spend on you this Christmas.


Made to slay in real life, or on Instagram, this eye-catching array of perfect 'non muddy contour' shades is the trick for creating looks that are full of depth and dimension. Each of the four matte contouring shades and four highlighter shades is ultra-smooth and blends like a dream—hello, cheekbones.

It's smooth, creamy formulas make it super blendable! Great value for money.

DOLL BEAUTY LASHES OMG. Since discovering these lashes at Topshop, I've never seen a more luxurious lash. OK, so some can be a little OTT, (maybe a bit too OTT for my liking) but find the right one for you eye shape, and they will set off your glam makeup perfectly! They may seem expensive for one set of lashes, but I'll let you in to a secret, I use mine at least 6 times. My favourties are Ginger and Cindy, with their wispie effect. In fact, Pretty Little Thing have a multi pack offer so you can try out a few styles before choosing THE ONE. (link below)


Love this super shine gloss! Especially in this cute peachy pink shade. It's the perfect combo to add on top of any lip colour. Reminds me of one of my old Charlotte Tilbury favourites 'Sweet Stiletto', & for half the price, how can you not have this as an alternative?!

So, there we have it! My top 10 beauty products for you to send off to Santa :-)

Happy Holidays! Hope you get what you wish for.... x

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