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My first blog since...ever! Can you believe it? I’ve been self employed and full time with my business for nearly 4 years and I’ve always put off doing blogs. Mainly because of time; finding time inbetween my bridal parties, replying to emails, and ok, I admit, my social life, however I know how important it is for people to get to know me on a more personal level prior to booking me as their makeup artist, rather than just seeing my posts on social media (although I hope my personality does come across, even if it is in a 12 worded caption on my very active instagram full of selfies, Brides and coffee/makeup flatlays).

To be honest, I’ve always enjoyed writing, as a kid I would document my daily life IN FULL DETAIL (well, wasn’t that the norm?... If you didn’t have a fluffy diary with a lock and key, were you even a 90s kid?!)

With that in mind, I will start blogging a couple of times a month, covering anything from weddings I work on, to product hauls and reviews, to monthly highlights- personal and work life.


I thought it was a good time to write my first blog as wedding season has ‘technically’ come to an end. OCTOBER IS HERE- how has it come round so quick please?! For those who are wondering when us wedding industry suppliers get swept off our feet, and when we can finally rest up on a long overdue Sunday morning, typically wedding season is from the month of April through to September. Although, winter weddings are becoming more & more popular these days... 

I, personally, have the had the busiest wedding season to date, with 95 weddings/573 faces, and have loved every second, every bride, every venue, & every cup of tea made for me at 6.30AM by a very kind half asleep bridesmaid. So, a big thank YOU to all my clients who have chosen me to be their makeup artist for their very special day- it really does mean a lot, as without you, I wouldn’t be waking up in the mornings to do a ‘job’ I absolutely love.


September ended with a 226 mile trip to the beautiful St. Ives for one of my clients and her bridal party, and reminded me how lucky and grateful I am to have clients that will do anything to ensure I am their makeup artist. 2019 and 2020 are already filling up with a few destination weddings to look forward to, but I think I will save that for another blog soon.. 

Blogging from bed - with all the sugar & hot chocolates I can get my hands on.

So, to save going off on a tanjant, and save you falling asleep, I shall end my FIRST EVER BLOG here! Thanks for reading & if there's anything you'd like me to blog about next, write it in the comments :-).. Goodnight! x

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4 commentaires

Yaaayy not only a seriously good makeup artist but a blogger too!! Love this! I will be following your blog with a keen eye and can't wait to read what comes next xxx


Well done girl ;) can’t wait to read the next post :)


I'll be putting a fluffy diary on my christmas list #nostalgia


Great blog piece :)

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