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When I was in my college years, studying makeup, Topshop was my holiday home, the place I’d go when I should be saving my money & spending my time studying, but no, I’d spend all of ‘hard earned ’ EMA there. So to be asked by one of the UK's leading fashion stores, to host a makeup masterclass at their Bullring store in my home city, I snapped up the opportunity without hesitation!

Emma, a good friend and amazing stylist who works in the personal shopper department, came up with the idea to combine the makeup class with Topshops new in, A/W trends so, with that started our mission to get the invites out and interest in!

If you’ve come from my instagram, you would of noticed I did a competition for someone to win two tickets for them and their friend, in which I randomly selected a few days after- was great to see the amount of interest & got me thinking this could be the start of more masterclasses to come....


Tuesday, 2 days prior to the event, I headed to Topshop to start dropping off my equipment and ‘the famous chair’ in preparation, and to also prepare the topshop girls I was coming down with the worst cold imaginable. (Sod’s law! Haven’t had a cold in 2 years, but two days prior to an important event for me, I get the snottiest nose & most nasal voice going) so as you can imagine, Wednesday was spent praying as I lay on the sofa, attempting to get my makeup filled gift bags in order.

‘THE DAY IS HERE!’ I headed up to Topshop to meet Emma, & Charlotte (the personal shopper duo) and set up! Lights, camera, action! 40 + people came through the door and took their seats, processco or candy floss in hand, and there I started my first look- a natural day makeup look, focusing on the skin to tie in with the new Topshop ‘day attire’ they were showcasing. I then went onto creating an evening look, concentrating on the eyes and talking through the products I was using so the girls could recreate for their very own Christmas party.

Take a look at the video below for an insight to a fun, chilled evening full of makeup talk, clothes and candyfloss- what more could a girl ask for?! I'm currently in the process of planning my next masterclass with yet another global brand, so I shall keep you posted in due course.... & to everyone who came, THANK YOU! :-) x

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Looks amazing so gutted I missed it! xx


Amazing blog and I am so proud of you for the hard work to host the masterclass :) xxx

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